Staffing Services

Until now, when you needed to hire staff you had two choices, either:

  • Spend tens of thousands of dollars for a recruiter to perform a search; or
  • Waste your valuable time and staff productivity sifting through resumes, interviewing, etc.–which translates into thousands of dollars.

Like so many others, you decided that recruiters are just too expensive so you placed ads and were suddenly inundated with hundreds of resumes. Other priorities pushed this daunting pile to the back burner. Meanwhile, the empty position continues to overwhelm you and your employees!Staffing Services

Finally, a better option! While I can perform the standard recruitment services, most prefer the unique “menu-based” staffing program by tailoring a hiring plan to fit your needs and budget. Our consultants will screen resumes, conduct initial interviews, check references, do background checks, perform profile testing, or whatever you want, for a low hourly rate that will save you thousands of dollars and keep you and your staff focused on your work instead of ours.

We’ll find the best candidates from those resumes and you make the final selection from the cream of the crop. No more time wasted with the less qualified.

Our services include:

  • Resume review
  • Interviews
  • Reference checking
  • Candidate profiling
  • Background checks
  • Sourcing
  • Lead contact
  • Requirements definition
  • Training and development
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Raid prevention/Personnel retention
  • Interview design
  • Organizational review