Business Opportunity Assessment

Business Opportunity Selection Assistance

So, you’ve finally decided to go into business for yourself! Congratulations! You’ve made a life-changing decision, but also a big risk! You must make sure that you select the business opportunity that is right for you.Business Assessment

Business ownership is different than having a job! Hopefully, you’ll be running it for the rest of your professional life, you must make the right choice and love the business that you choose.

Not everyone is suited for their own business; and not every business opportunity will be right for you. Your goals, skills, resources,market familiarity, and many other factors must match the business you select. Having a long, successful career that you love; or failure and misery hinges on this decision.

There are so many choices…

  • Starting from scratch
  • Franchises
  • Network Marketing
  • Turnkey Operations
  • Advertised Opportunities
  • Purchasing existing businesses
  • So many different industries

I can perform a low-cost New Business Start-Up Assessment to help you select the right business. If you have something in mind, a review can sniff out some aspects that you may have not considered or “gotchas” that were hidden between the lines.

If you are considering going into business, I can assess your readiness and goals, review specific business opportunities, and provide an assessment of how well those opportunities fit your situation. I assess your personal assets (knowledge, skills, etc.) needed to succeed as well as your resources (financial, time, human, facility, etc.). This assessment is a must before enrolling in network marketing, a franchise, or turnkey operation.

DON’T GO BLINDLY INTO A BUSINESS JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS GOOD AT FIRST GLANCE! There are hundreds of business opportunities, but most don’t give you the whole story. Use our experience to be sure that you are making the right choice. It’s a small investment for a lifelong commitment. Contact us about our Quick Assessment Service!  A quick assessment is a short, cursory overview of a business opportunity (one-hour meeting) to give a “first-impression” look.  This will give you some direction and help you to determine what additional information you need to make an informed, diligent, and intelligent decision.

I am ready to help you choose the business that’s just right for you.  Let me share my expertise and experience before you decide! It isn’t always easy to tell whether that business opportunity will be a boom or a bust. They all look easy and good, but are they really?  Let’s have a look first before you invest your time and money. We will sit down, face-to-face, and review the business and help you decipher what it really will be like and whether you’ll likely see a profit or loss.


  • Turnkey purchase
  • Franchises
  • Network Marketing (Multi-level marketing or MLM)
  • Existing business purchases

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