Real Estate Sales Support

Caveat VENDOR!!!  —  Let the SELLER beware:  “AS IS” is now more like “AS ISN’T”–At least that’s what buyers think!  At today’s sky-high housing prices, buyers expect to see a like-new house. It’s a huge job and if your sale preparation project isn’t managed properly, you’ll waste time and money.  I can manage your sale preparations such as repairs, updating, and staging and remove that time-consuming and frustrating task from your shoulders.  I can:

  • Maintain control over the schedule
  • Control the budget
  • Communicate with contractors, inspectors, your realtor, and others involved so that.. YOU GET IT DONE RIGHT!

Real Estate
I am a professional with decades of project management experience. As your advocate and representative, I will free you from the headaches and allow your realtor to concentrate on what he or she needs to do.


It’s just too easy to end up in court when you sell a house. The law gives buyers the right to full disclosure, and they have legal recourse if there are surprises.

Your Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement cannot be taken lightly. I have experience to help you create complete, a carefully written, precisely worded, and comprehendible disclosure so you can avoid a costly legal fight.

Note: I am not an attorney or licensed real estate professional. My role is as a consultant for this specific task. Many realtors protect themselves from the risks involved with participating in your disclosure preparation by distancing themselves from its creation. My job is to help you where your realtor may not be able.