Government Business Opportunities

Government ListEvery year, government agencies spend billions of dollars in the private sector.  Traditionally, contracts only went to huge companies, but recent emphasis gives smaller firms a slice of the government pie.  Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Women’s Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise, and other targeted programs provide opportunities for small business to prosper from government procurement.  That’s just the first step, the highly competitive marketing and bid process can be arduous, complicated, costly, long, and ultimately unsuccessful. If you win a bid, you may find that the profits (if there are any) simply weren’t worth the effort.  On the other hand, it could be your gravy train!  Selling to the government can be extremely lucrative, but very complex and may not be your best strategy. It can be an agonizingly bureaucratic, expensive, and time consuming process just to become an approved vendor.  Government
I can help you determine if your product or service is appropriate for sale to the government and:

  • If you’re not ready for government contracting, we’ll help prepare you! Contact  me today and find out more about your opportunities in this huge market.Which government agencies you should target
  • If you are qualified to sell to the government
  • How to establish pricing and become an approved vendor
  • Your eligibility for special programs, then help you apply
  • How to find bid opportunities, and whether or not they are worth submitting proposals
  • Your best proposal strategies
  • How to read and understand government bid requests and how to respond to them